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Legends of Cyrradon

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Epic Fantasy Novels

Praise for Storm's Rising

"...if you love a dark epic quest fantasy...similar to Shannara and the Belgariad (just a tad darker) that’s an easy read and has some great worldbuilding, then the Storm’s rising series might just be the one for you." 
 Iris Marsh (

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"Their writing echoes the kind of magic that only good old-fashioned and traditional fantasy novels have..."

"The characters come alive and you feel like you have jumped into the book and are going through the adventures right beside them! Kept me on the edge of my seat!!!"

Amazon Review

"The characters are likeable, the setting well described (there's a chapter almost entirely devoted to breakfast, which I think always goes down well with fantasy readers!) and the plot satisfying, moving at a pace that makes you always want to read more."

Amazon Review

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"What a ride! I caught myself on the edge several times while reading the story. I hardly put it down. If you like fantasy this book is for you."

Goodreads Review

"Sometimes I want to read a big fantasy book, one with epic quests, high stakes, and a large world. Well, The Call more than fit the bill. It was full of adventure and fun."

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