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Feature Friday - Meet Our MCs! (1)

In this, our first main character (MC) reveal, we introduce you to Lendil Strongblood.

Lendil is a human from the predominantly human city of Granite Hedge. Born to an esteemed family, his mother is Elise Franchet, formerly a noblewoman with a proud lineage, and his father is Sir Alecsandir Strongblood, formerly a renowned Knight of the Crown under Granite Hedge’s King Louie, and a member of the Five.

Lendil’s upbringing came just after a tragedy of terrible significance happened to Alec and Elise; a tragedy that so badly shook their relationship that they grew apart, embittered and resentful of one another. Elise turned to finding ways to shame her husband, and Alec simply turned to the blissful but devastating refuge of strong drink. As a result, Lendil grew up in a household that grew steadily more loveless, as the details of their torment were never spoken of. Eventually, Alec was stripped of his knighthood, given a meager stipend to live on in recognition of his long service to the crown, and the family came to live in Gutterside, the outermost and poorest borough of the ringed city of Granite Hedge.

It is here that we first meet Lendil, now nearly twenty years old, still living with his parents in a tiny hovel of a flat, with little to his name, a whore for a mother and a drunkard for a father. Lendil has grown up with two half-brothers, Nicolaus and Trent, both products of his mother’s activities with unknown other men. Lendil is tall, wiry thin, but strong and nimble. He’s had to learn to survive the hard way, on the streets, where he quickly became an associate of the Granite Hedge Association of Humble Merchants (the local thieves’ guild). They are at this point more family to him than his parents and half-brothers by far.

Lendil is quite clever and has learned a few skills, including how to move about unseen, how to defeat numerous forms of locks, and how to communicate covertly. He is incredibly nimble and dexterous, adept at climbing, jumping and tumbling, and spent numerous years perfecting his knife throwing skills. While he does prefer to carry a sword, his father never spent the time to teach him any skill with it, and so he is notoriously horrible at swordplay. Two things his father did manage to instill in him were an aptitude for horsemanship and an abiding sense of right and wrong that seems to pop up at the most inconvenient of times for him.

As one might imagine, Lendil has two very real and rather predictable goals in life: to find out what it was that destroyed his family and robbed him of the life he should have had, and to somehow move on from that and build himself a new life worth holding onto.

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What a great description!!!! I pictured Lendil very close to that photo!!!!

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