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Feature Friday - Meet Our MCs! (2)

Feature Friday #2 – Meet the MCs!

For our second main character (MC) reveal, we introduce you to Di’an’ias Esstarrumiath [d-ah-nee-uhs / es-stahr-roo-mee-uhth]. Known to her friends as Dia, Di’an’ias is an elf from the settlement called Eventhallia, in the Ghreyewood. She has one sister, a twin named Mea’thinallea (‘Mea’). Though they are nearly identical twins, their appearances differ in that Mea has the silvery hair and pale complexion of the Lor’Shindrin empire, while Dia bears the raven black hair and more olive-toned skin of the highland elves called the Hin’Dorian. They both claim royal lineage, though Mea is the older and therefore has first claim to lead Eventhallia, a fact she rarely fails to lord over Dia.

Dia and Mea were raised together by their father, Pontius L’Ron, an esteemed Hin’Dorian ranger and Palace Outrider. Their mother, Miralana Esstarrumiath, abandoned them a few years after their birth to pursue other interests, sadly sending Pontius into a torrent of depression from which he never recovered. While Mea always took after her mother, not only in appearance but in a rather shallow and flighty nature, Dia found much more in common with her father and took his decline with much more difficulty. After his passing, the two really had only each other to depend on, and so clung to each other with Mea ever the beloved darling of the elvish courts, and Dia her unseen and unheard shadow. While Mea excelled at her studies of arts and languages, and at advancing her favor with the most influential figures of Eventhallia, Dia much preferred the quiet exhilaration of a trek through the surrounding woodlands, or long hours spent practicing with the bow left to her by her father.

Dia is beautiful and reserved, but quite skilled when it comes to being on her own in the wild. She is an excellent tracker, a quick and deadly archer, and can disappear into her surroundings with startling adeptness. Though she does at times resent and admire her sister’s ability to revel in the attention of others, Dia prefers the sidelines, seeking after the voices of the wind and rain through the leaves over the gaggles of empty-headed young ladies Mea seemed always surrounded by. If she had one wish to ask, Dia would simply be with her father again, sharing in the wordless exploration of a new trail or a high mountain vista, or listening to his soft voice sharing some piece of woodland wisdom he’d learned over his centuries. If she had a second wish, she would wash the sorrow from his voice and hear him laugh again as he once did.

When we first meet Mea and Dia in the story, it is several decades after their father’s passing. They have been told of a venerable buck living on the borders of the Ghreyewood near the human-owned Yeoman’s wood, past its prime and ready to be taken to strengthen the herd. So the young ladies venture out on their own to hunt the buck. For Dia this is a way to honor her father’s memory. For Mea, of course, this is just another grab for the attention and admiration of the elders. As one might guess, the hunt does not go as expected, and Mea and Dia become separated, leading Dia on a quest to find her sister and bring her back safely. But then, nothing is ever as simple as it might seem, and hence begins our story.

* * *

Thanks for reading! Look for future character reveals every Friday. We promise only teases and no true spoilers as you get to know better these personalities who have grown to be more family to us than words on a page! Please share by forwarding, reposting, retweeting, liking, subscribing, and recommending to others! We couldn’t do this without you!

Happy Adventures!

Jason (and Rose) – Legends of Cyrradon

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