Welcome to the Legends of Cyrradon community! We're glad to have you! Pull up a stool wherever you feel comfortable, throw a log on the fire, and let the worries of the road fall from your shoulders. You're free to keep your weapons on you, so long as you handle them responsibly. The dogs are friendly unless you mess with the serving girls. But be well advised: the serving girls are all expert knife fighters. 

While you're here, please feel free to roam about the lodge, speak with us and other wayfarers, share your adventures, and fill your bellies. In this place there is no rank, no preference, and only one real rule: be kind or be gone. Coarse, vulgar talk will not be tolerated, nor will attacking others' ideals. Posting flyers to others' places of business (i.e., linking out) is forbidden in most cases. However, if you have something of interest you'd like to share, please approach one of the proprietors with it first, and we'll likely let you put it up on the 'About Cyrradon' board.

Now...let's get you a fat mug of something frothy from the bar, and hear a story of your travels!

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