The call to adventure...that's what brought you here, isn't it? An escape to something new, something exciting and dangerous?  We can get you there, traveller! Soon we'll have you exploring the lawless streets of Granite Hedge, braving the perilous waters of the Reaver Sea, even descending into the forgotten bowels of an ancient city. You'll meet lost souls, some perhaps not unlike yourself, and have to decide for yourself whether they are worthy of trust. You'll need your wits about you, friend. And a good cloak. And weapons.

Welcome to the Inn. Everything here is designed to prepare you for the adventure you seek. Take some time to look around. There's a room full of maps, a collection of information about the world, even a gallery of sketches brought back by those who have gone before you. Or better yet, peer through the Seeing Stones for glimpses of the lands beyond! There is even a portal to music that inspires our world, if you can find it...


If you survive your journey, come back often. There are always new adventures to be found...for a price. 

Look how the light frames the focal poin

Morab the Slumbering Leviathan awakens in the body of the High King, with his will set on the domination of his greatest hatred: humankind. Yet even he cannot fathom the peril he faces in mortal form. Urgrithka the Hollow, Demigoddess of the Void, vies to usurp his throne. To assure her path to godhood, her assassins work to tear the amulet bearers apart from within. And it seems the chosen ones are falling neatly into their plan.

Lendil comes face-to-face with the ghosts of his past, torn between embracing his calling or pursuing the life he’d always wanted. Dia stands to lose her greatest treasure when her sister Mea is tempted to abandon her to rule Eventhallia. Hawk, plagued by a centuries-old torment, courts death as he grapples with his curse. And a wicked foe seeking vengeance for an ancient grudge has his eyes set on Hans.

Join the Five and their companions as they plunge into the underbelly of Peregrine’s Landing, seeking answers from the only known writing of the elder wyrms, while the world above marches ever closer to the Third Age, and war.

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Our Entry Level Package
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Portal Two
For Returning Adventurers
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Portal Three
For the Experienced Only
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A Next Level Adventure
Book Four:
The Codex
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"I spent my time in the darkness, and eventually I found that my best work...our best work...is done in the light."- Lord Stormbringer

"Your coming here is for a reason. The amulets do not idly summon the Five to gather." - Harold Brewer

"My scars remind me of my blessings." - A'lik Al'Hanar

"One must always see how even the insignificant may be used to our ends."

- Armondus the Inquisitor

"...when ambition grows to greed and causes a man to place the value of things over the value of life and love and liberty...that's when he stops being a man and starts being a monster."

- Thenel the Historian

"When you’ve got trouble to your stern, turn your eyes across the bow to the seas ahead. It’s not your rudder that will save you, but the wind in your sails."

- Harold Brewer

"Look at what’s there. Look at what isn’t. A lot can be told about a book, or a person, when you figure out where their boundaries are...where they stop talking about a thing. It leaves a hole. If you’re clever enough, you can see what fits in the hole." - The Herbalist