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The Empire Grows

The Epic Fantasy Continues!
Epic News from Cyrradon!

After centuries the Tome of Wyrms has resurfaced. Within its ancient pages lie the secrets and dreams of the elder wyrms, the oldest and wisest race of beings on Cyrradon. Only the Codex can decipher their writings, and the Heroes of the Five must find it. But they are not alone in the hunt. A shadow wyrm with malevolent hatred for all life tracks the Five to destroy them and the Codex, and end hope for mankind. For the Tome holds the keys to defeating the mad god Morab the Leviathan, and his would-be usurper, Urgrithka the Hollow, demi-goddess of the Void.

Scattered across the lands, our brave heroes follow clues as ancient as the dragons themselves; some traversing the desert badlands where an elder wyrm is said to dwell, while others plumb the dark recesses of time itself. Amidst it all, demonic forces scheme and conspire, pitting the untested heroes against their own deepest desires, that a darker purpose might be fulfilled. Join the Five and their allies as they trace the long-guarded line of the Knight Paladin Beorn Heodin back to its beginnings, learn more deeply of their own origins and purpose, and find the key to discovering…the Codex.


Jason is a Voice Actor!

Audiobooks of Storm's Rising is just the beginning! Established in late March 2023, author Jason Bishop launched his latest venture as an official narrator and voice actor! Following dreams is what retirement is all about!


'The Codex' Has Arrived!

Book 5 of the Storm's Rising saga is available now on Kindle, and in paperback and shelf-worthy hardcover! Get your copies today!


We're On Patreon!

Want a FREE audiobook of the first novel in our fantasy series, Storm's Rising: The Call? Click the link to learn how you can claim yours! And much, much more!


Hardcovers Are Here!

Storm's Rising is now available in gorgeous, shelf-worthy hardcovers! Click the link below or any "Buy Now" link on the website to get yours!

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